By Daniel J. Hoag

The 83rd Academy Awards have come and gone and the Haiku Review has some final thoughts and reactions to the festivities.

So many movies
were more deserving of Best
Pic than The King’s Speech.

I hope Tom Hooper
has trouble sleeping at night

Show often run long?
Then don’t put a rambling old
coot up on the stage.

Congrats, Melissa,
but next time try having a
f—ing speech handy.

Funniest use of
auto-tune since a double
rainbow ruled the skies.

Tim Burton’s Alice
wins two Oscars; pretty to
look at, hell to watch.

Trent Reznor wins, tells
audience he wants to f—
them like animals.

Surprised not to see
Charlie Sheen in the montage
of recent dead folks.