OBAmericaIt’s Oscar weekend, which means it’s once again time for The Haiku Review to reveal its best and worst films of last year. But sometimes filling out a worst list can be difficult, since there are always a handful of terrible-looking films that THR deems unworthy of slogging through just to get down a few measly (and presumably vitriolic) syllables. Therefore, please enjoy the second annual “blacklist”- the top (or rather bottom) five films whose concepts, trailers, contributors and/or very existence caused this haikuist to shield his eyeballs and forever banish them to the “unwatched” pile.

1. 2016: Obama’s America

Do you know who else
had hate-filled propaganda?
The friggin’ Nazis.


oogie2. The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

Even Barney, the
Teletubbies think this sh!t
will traumatize kids.


witness3. Madea’s Witness Protection

Tyler Perry churns
out Madea crap and I
go into hiding.


thats my boy4. That’s My Boy

Immature man-boy
part for Sandler? Don’t stretch too
much, you’ll hurt yourself.


what to expect5. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Ill-conceived premise
(handbook turned rom-com) made for
sad dumpster baby.


Now the Haiku Review wants to know: what films did you refuse to watch this year?

By Daniel J. Hoag