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awakeningStarring: Rebecca Hall, Dominic West & Imelda Staunton
Screenplay by Stephen Volk and Nick Murphy
Directed by Nick Murphy

A woman who debunks supernatural hoaxes is called upon to investigate a ghost that allegedly haunts a boarding school.

I say ghosts are just
what you need to keep a school
full of brats in line.

Grade: B-

By Daniel J. Hoag
The Awakening is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.


Starring: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Nina Dobrev, Mae Whitman, Dylan McDermott, Kate Walsh & Paul Rudd
Written and directed by Stephen Chbosky

A high school freshman with emotional problems develops deep friendships with a group of social outcasts.

You’re not a real teen
unless you dress in drag and
watch Rocky Horror.

Grade: A-

By Daniel J. Hoag
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is playing now in theaters nationwide.

Starring: Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney & Zac Efron
Written and directed by Josh Radnor

When a 35-year-old returns to his alma mater to visit a former professor, he strikes up a friendship with a 19-year-old student.

types with Nineties nostalgia:
this film is for you.

Grade: B

By Daniel J. Hoag
Liberal Arts opens in select cities on 9/14/12.
TCFF 12-10

Starring: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown & Dax Flame
Screenplay by Matt Drake and Michael Bacall
Directed by Nima Nourizadeh

Three high school seniors try to make a name for themselves by throwing a wild party that quickly escalates out of control.

Like a real party,
if you hang out long enough,
you might have some fun.

Grade: B-

By Daniel J. Hoag
Project X is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle & Ice Cube
Screenplay by Michael Bacall
Directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

Two rookie cops are sent undercover to stop a drug ring at the high school where they were once adversaries.

The Street‘s been repaved
and despite a few bumps, it
makes for a good ride.

Grade: B+

By Daniel J. Hoag
21 Jump Street is available on Blu-ray and DVD on 6/26/12.

(Blu) Haiku Review: Pariah (2011)

Starring: Adepero Oduye, Pernell Walker, Aasha Davis, Charles Parnell & Kim Wayans
Written and directed by Dee Rees

A teenage girl in Brooklyn gradually embraces her identity as a lesbian, which begins to put added strain on her parents already-fragile marriage.

A must-see for both
the persecuted and their
ignorant haters.

Grade: A-

By Daniel J. Hoag
Pariah is available on Blu-ray and DVD today.

(Blu) Haiku Review: Terri (2011)

Starring: Jacob Wysocki, Creed Bratton, Olivia Crocicchia, Bridger Zadina & John C. Reilly
Screenplay by Patrick DeWitt
Directed by Azazel Jacobs

An overweight teen who lives with his elderly uncle struggles with high school life until an eccentric vice principal takes an interest in helping him.

Thanks, but Indie Film’s
already covered the whole
awkward outcast thing.

Grade: C+

By Daniel J. Hoag
Terri is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Lucy Punch, John Michael Higgins & Jason Segel
Written by Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg
Directed by Jake Kasdan

An obnoxious, foul-mouthed, gold-digging teacher gets dumped by her fiance and sets her sights on a rich, handsome substitute while shrugging off the advances of the school gym teacher.

There’s no redemption
for this unlikeable hag
(or Diaz herself).

Grade: C

By Daniel J. Hoag
Bad Teacher is available on Blu-ray and DVD on 10/18/11.

Starring: Noah Taylor, Paddy Considine, Craig Roberts, Yasmin Page & Sally Hawkins
Written and directed by Richard Ayoade

A quirky 15-year-old pursues an equally eccentric girl while trying to save his parents’ marriage.

There’s not much to like
in this Wes Anderson-style
slow-moving quirkfest.

Grade: C

By Daniel J. Hoag
Submarine is available on Blu-ray and DVD on 10/4/11.